Provider of Intelligent Mobile Power Distribution Terminal E-house

E-house is also called modular distribution type intelligent cubicle-type substation, prefabricated electric equipment housing, skid mounted house, modular equipment room, prefabricated house combination equipment, and has become a new development mode of modern engineering construction. It makes the engineering construction be built into a complete process of factory production, combining design, production process, construction method, organization and management and all aspects, so as to establish a complete construction system. 


This construction system makes the design standardization, building production factory, construction mechanization and project organization management. In a simple way, it is to be put into use when the needed equipment is systematized and tested in the factory then transported to the site. At present, it is widely used in power generation, mining, the chemical industry, crude oil and natural gas, transportation, production lines and industrial plants, marine platforms and other places. 


Compared with the traditional power station, E-house has much less civil, installation and commissioning work, and the cost of its internal equipment is also cheaper. Its main distribution equipment, heating and cooling ventilation, lighting, fire alarm, monitoring and other ancillary equipment shall be assembled and debugged in the factory, thus it greatly shortens the site construction cycle, and saves the scene of great labor force, and has many advantages such as small radiation, low cost, small occupied area, short production cycle, small amount for site construction.

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