Provider of Modular Distribution Intelligent Substation

Modular Distribution Intelligent Substation is tailor made, factory assembled and tested, electric centers designed and manufactured by VICOM to satisfy every specific customer’s needs. The design is a modular one, which provides a high level of flexibility in order to cover a wide range of applications. The Modular substation is with voltage up to 126kV.  In addition, special design and arrangement can be provided for special applications in hazardous areas. The primary voltage can vary up to 44kV. However, the secondary voltage can be a medium voltage or a low voltage as per the customer’s requirements.


Modular Distribution Intelligent Substation is built on a hot-dipped galvanized base frame in such a way that the whole substation can be lifted and carried as a single unit. Since these centers are tailor made, their contents vary depending on the specific needs of a customer.

For example, a Substation might contain some or all of the following: generator, transformer, metal clad switchgears, outdoor load switches or breakers, batteries and battery chargers, auxiliary transformers, AC/DC distribution panels, fire detection systems, air-conditioning systems, and much other equipment.


Modular design with 6 kinds of modules:126kV GIS/transformer/40.5kV switchgear/10kV switchgear/secondary equipment/SVC.

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● Less civil work & construction duration
● Less floor space, with all equipment indoor
● Full metal sealed shell, high IP degree
● Primary & secondary equipment integration commissioning in factory
● Integral hoisting, integral transportation